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01. April 2007
In English, please!

von baumgarf | 02:16 | kommentare (3)

As my more frequent readers will already know, I was pondering for a long time if I should begin writing this blog in English, as some kind of protest against the ever-growing use of English vocabulary in the German language - or, more precisely, in many cases words just sounding like English.

Well, obviously today is the day that I skip to English. Of course you slowly have to get used to it (as well as I have to get used to it, English is not my native language after all - what a surprise!). But with time passing I think everything and everyone will be fine - including me, hopefully.

So, keep enjoying my gibberish, even if it is now in English.


# 1 von Etoshae | 02.04.2007 | 09:16

Huh!? You mean you call on your readers to do early morning brain sports when commenting? As for me, this will lead to a less frequent emission of comments, I fear. Faulheit siegt.

# 2 von baumgarf | 02.04.2007 | 13:09

Why not also use your brain than just doing ordinary morning sports? Mind you, your brain is also a kind of a muscle (well, not really, but, as it is said, to wholly function you have to train it just like a normal muscle, with the help of crossword puzzles etc.; but please, don't even think about lifting weights with your brain).

But then again, take a closer look a the date of this entry, call it an April Fool's joke and let's get back to normal. Shall we? :o)

# 3 von Etosha | 02.04.2007 | 19:35

Tätt's wott ei häit äbaut April Fools tschouks: Juh ollweis nou hu se fuhl is.

Und: Morgensport saugt. Warum machen Gehirn Jogging wenn ich tue nicht sogar mögen zu bewegen meine alten Knochen früh morgens.